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In negotiations, the objective is to reach an outcome that is mutually beneficial. But, it’s crucial to be aware of and comprehend the main negotiation strategies buyers may employ so you can counter them effectively. They include framing, anchoring and the strategy of bogeymena.

Anchoring is a negotiation technique in which the buyer declares an initial number or price in order to establish their bargaining limit. It is typically used by buyers to entice sellers to accept the lower price. Buyers can also employ the bogey strategy, where they highlight something that isn’t crucial to them, but which they expect you to concede on in order to reach an agreement.

One effective way to influence your counterpart in a negotiation is through an emotional appeal. This is done by telling an account of your life, or a personal request. If you’re in the process of negotiating a salary, you may find it beneficial to tell an account of your dedication and why you deserve the highest possible pay. This can be especially efficient if you’re dealing someone with authority, such as the manager or supervisor.

Negotiators often use negotiation tactics that involve taking the position of giving up. This could backfire because negotiators might become too attached to their positions and believe that giving up a particular aspect of a discussion would be like losing their face. To counter this, prepare in advance by identifying what your minimum requirements are and knowing that you may need to compromise to reach an agreement.